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Then you should really consider shoving down a gazillion Oreo pudding cookies  down your throat.

That way, all the emotions that were vomiting out of you will be able to go back down to where it came from.

Make sure to have your choice of milk nearby.  Trust me.  That’ll help.

Once you’ve downed all the goods, then you should turn on some non-sappy music.

And you must dance like you’ve gone MENTAL.



Now, tell me.

Is your name still Sappy Sapperson?



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Delicious ambiguity

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ImageI’m definitely learning about life right now-

not knowing,

having to change,

making chocolate-chip cookies & blueberry buckle & raspberry jam scones,

without knowing what’s going to happen next.

When you don’t know what you’re doing…

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just eat chocolate.







So that I don’t take for granted

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So that I don't take for granted

I’m walking through a long dark night.

Anything on the pretty yellow background must be true.

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Anything on the pretty yellow background must be true.

almost forgotten poem

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The Orchid was born out of a need
for Elegance,
the Lily, out of a need for Grace,
the Violet of Simplicity.

And you my Dear Ones,
you were born out of a need, deeply
seeded within the very soul of
this universe.

Here, in this human form,
vulnerable to the elements,
more vulnerable to your own
ideas of right and wrong.

Here to learn about how to Be,
but mostly just here to Love.

-Hannah Barnes, 2010

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