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Not so much of sugar rushing through my life.



Current Rush

October 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Baking has been replaced by cello-ing lately (but do not fear Mr. Baking, I will return to you).

Somewhere in between job hunting and filling out job applications I found a room to breath through music.  My sanity on the other hand is held tightly by the ever-so-understanding boyfriend and some healthy doses of caffeine with some occasional sugar consumptions on the side.

Speaking of cello-ing, I think it’s rather rude not to properly introduce my cello.  My very first love!  It’s been through the highest of all highs and lowest of all bottoms with me, and I am thankful that it’s lasted with me this long.  It’s a 2003 Clement & Weise, 30in x 48in x 17.75in in dimension with a dark amber color, and beautifully sings in deep velvety tone as rich and smooth as a warm sip of 72% european hot chocolate.  It can play the warmest tunes, but don’t get me wrong, it’s got an attitude and can be feisty too.

As if my heart’s been re-ignited with fire, I’ve been loving every single second of my time spent with this cello.  I also urge you to re-discover the love that’s been long forgotten in your heart.

The playlist has been growing quite extensively over the past month or so.  From orchestra, sextet, septet, quartet, duet to possibly a concerto, I’ve got it all.

Orchestra pieces:  Bach’s brandenburg No.3, No. 4, No. 6, Cantata No. 51, and Tchaikovsky’s Serenade in C, Op.48 Elegie.  BACH IS HEAVY HERE.  Coolest part of all is that we’ll get to play with baroque instruments (this is the part where you scream, AWESOME!).

Septet Piece:  Strauss’ Metamorphosen.  It was originally meant for 23 solo strings, but we’re playing the 7-player arrangement of it.  It was “written as a statement of mourning for Germany’s destruction during the war, in particular the bombing of the Munich Opera House, and the Goethehaus” (wiki). This piece is super intense, super

Sextet piece:  Brahms’ sextet no. 1 in b flat major.  It’s depressingly pretty.  Or constipated, as Dr. Tuttle puts it. 

Quartet piece:  Verdi Symphony for Strings.  Man this piece is hard!  But I wanna master it that much more!

Duet piece:  Beethoven’s duet for viola and cello, “With two eyeglasses obligato”  This one is dear to my heart.  Amber and I’ve been meaning to play this piece since high school, but we never really got around to playing it until now.

Concerto piece:  Kabalevsky cello concerto Op. 49.  Another piece I never finished learning, and I want to pick it back up.

Yup. That’s my current rush list!  I swear, classical music isn’t half bad. ;P


August 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

I always set small goals for myself and then forget it the very next day and say, “ah forget it.”
Maybe if I make a list this time then I won’t forget it and will actually follow through with it.
And maybe if I share it on web with friends and strangers, then maybe I’ll stick to it even better! 🙂

  • Don’t race against the sun.
    Sleep before the sun actually rises (Ideal sleep time: midnight)
    Race with the sun instead.  Wake up around the time Mr. Sun rises (Ideal wake-up time: seven)
  • Eat three meals a day.
    Even if hunger is not present, eat a meal at an appropriate meal time.
  • Keep a journal.
    At the end of each day, recap.  Reflect, and move on from all of the ugly feelings from that day.
  • Keep the gumline happy.
    Floss everyday.  Do NOT skip.  Do NOT.
  • Live up to own namesake.
    SeoEuy literally means to be greatly giving.
    Find an opportunity to give.  How about volunteering once a week?  Share with the ones in need with what I have to offer.
  • Don’t seek for a perfection.
    Perfection comes with a disappointment.  Learn to love the imperfections.

My goal is to keep these promises to myself for a long time.

Learning is fun.

July 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading some random books at Barnes & Noble.
I find them very interesting! So here it goes. You ready?

Fact # 1:  Coffee was discovered by goats!
An Ethiopian goatherd found his goats acting agitated after eating coffee berries! Intriguing, no?
I was happy to finally understand the rationalization behind the coffee company’s name in Eugene- “The Wandering Goat”! 🙂

Fact # 2:  Sherbet does not equal Sorbet!
I always thought sherbet was just a different linguistic representation of sorbet.  But NOOOO.  Sherbet has milk, and sorbet doesn’t.  HUGE DIFFERENCE especially for a lactose intolerant person such as myself.

Fact # 3:  Science is cool!
You know one of those chocolate covered cherries? And you know how it has the liquid inside the chocolate? (refer to the picture below if you don’t know) Have you ever thought about how that liquid might be trapped inside?  Well, here’s where the cool part comes in.  The cherry is initially wrapped in a solid sugar dough (fondant), then it is dipped into chocolate.  The sugar dough has an invertase enzyme in it,which allows the “solid” form of sugar to turn into the “liquid” form when it’s exposed to moisture (in this case, cherry is sufficient moisture provider).  Voila! You have a liquid inside the chocolate!! Cool, no?

Ok, if the invertase didn’t quite measure up, here’s another cool science that just might convince you.

When we cook fish, we squirt lemon juice on it.  Have you ever wondered why?
Fish has amide, which becomes amine over time when deprotonated.  Amines are strong base that gives that “fishy” odor.  Lemons on the other hand are very acidic.  So by squirting acidic lemon juice over something basic, it neutralizes the odor, allowing us to enjoy our salmon!

Fact  # 4:  Eggplant has nicotine in it.
Naturally, it has some (very very low amount) nicotine in it. And you wondered why you craved more and more eggplant. (haha, don’t worry, it’s not to the addictive level, in fact, the egg plants are really good for your brain!)

Fact # 5:  Popcorns have moistened center.
The dried corn kernels aren’t 100% dried.  The center is moist.  When the kernels are heated, the pressure builds up in the center, and when it can’t handle the pressure, it pops! 🙂

I read so many more random things, but I’m already forgetting most of it.
I will update you with more findings in the future! 🙂

Feeding my dream.

July 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Frustrated as I sat in the corner of Barnes & Noble cafe while revising and re-revising my resume, I decided to give myself, or rather my soul, a little break.

My body knew where to go even before my brain had told it where.

I graciously (or so I’d like to think) walked over to my favorite section in all book stores–the COOKING section, and the baking section to be precise.

Me in front of these aisles of pretties is like a hipster* at American Apparel skinny jean section.

*I refuse to use the fat kid/cupcake metaphor (or is it a simile because i used the word “like”…hmmm and yes i drank a little too many cups of coffee).

I could spend hours just sitting in front of the baking books, but since B&N has its limited store hours, I decided to pick random three.

Initially, my intention was just to shuffle thorough and glimpse only at the pictures, but HOW COULD I?  It’s like asking Einstein to stop thinking, it’s just impossible.  If a human being could dive into a book and live there, I’d be in those pictures forever beating the egg whites to perfecting my chiffon cake, and I’d be the happiest person trapped in a book.

Well anywho, I stumbled into this perfect book. “A keeper!!!” I’d shout out loud if I didn’t have any senses to tell me there are people around me.

What started out as, ‘oh, i’ll only check one recipe,’ eventually led to, ‘oh, i need this book, i want to analyze every single word in this book’ after practically reading (no, not scheming) the book.

This book definitely quenched my thirsty soul with starry and glittery hope for my fantasy-baker-future.   And allowed me to day dream about my warm little bakery/bookstore/cafe.

I think I’ll reward myself with this book when I get a job, and feed my bakery dream to grow then.  hehehe


January 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Warning: Unorganized thoughts! I’ll make a better entry later.

This entry is a sole reminder to self that it’s okay to loosen up a bit.

Given that it’s needless to say that life requires planning and a certain level of seriousness, I certainly don’t think that stress needs to accompany every single aspect of life.

This is my belief and I am still in the process of taking this into an action.

Life can be so joyful and lovely.

I just needed to steer my mind in a different direction to see this!

Understanding that life is a process with lots of flexibility and knowing that it’s full of –ing’s, we should constantly challenge ourselves to see more of what this world has to offer.

Join me for the week of –ing’s! 🙂

Note to self:

This week’s motivation: Study to learn, not to pass.

Monday: Finish reading through the ES papers. Think about it. Take a break. Finish Ecology HW. Review Stat Mech.

Tuesday: Meet with ES group. Study Stat Mech.

Wednesday: Write PO!! ES presentation. IWN meeting. Study Stat Mech. Meet with PPPM group, finish abstract for PPPM. Study Stat Mech. Finish Ecology HW.

Thursday: Stat Mech Midterm. PPPM presentation. Start Ecology research.

Friday: Ecology research. Job search.

happy me to you to us.

November 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Often times we try too hard to satisfy ourselves, family, friends, lovers, society … essentially everything.
We try too hard to be happy, we try too hard to be accepted, we try too hard to be loved, we try and try and try.
Then we cry and cry and cry at our failures, at our shortcomings, at our limits, at our capabilities…
We try to forget that we’re human, we try to ignore the fact that we can’t ever be perfect, ever…
So we play god, we plan, we follow, we master-
But we fall short, cry again, bitter, angry, sad and lonely–not happy.

I wanted to be happy so bad, I tried SO hard to achieve it, I ran towards it. I ran, ran and ran.
But what I realized was that I was actually running AWAY from the happiness, not towards it.


I stopped–running.  I stopped everything.  I stopped trying.  I stopped–completely.


I started–seeing, accepting, embracing where I was, who I was, what I was–what I am.

I found comfort and peace within myself probably for the first time.

I am not perfect.  I can’t be perfect.  I am different from everyone else as everyone else is different from everyone else.  I am me.  I am here.  I am.

No more trying.  No more faking.  No more avoiding.  No more lying-to-self.


I’m here now, without regrets, happy as I have ever been in my life with who I am, and what I am–confident in this very body of mine.

I will take life as it comes now.

My life–I can’t foresee the future, but no fear in that because I will live just fine.

My family–I will love them with all my heart, but not live for them.

My friends–I will be their ears and eyes, I will be be their second hearts, I will absorb their happiness and sorrow.

My boyfriend–I will love him with all my heart, no games, no regrets, but with honesty and faith.

My self–I will stand in confidence.  I will adore, accept, and embrace myself.  It’s not the “will” but the “am.”  I am.

So here’s my cheers to happy me, you, and us.

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