Sunday Morning

April 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

I made a decision.
A selfish and a cowardice choice.
With a firm belief in my intuition.
And barely standing on my frail knees.
This is for the better for both of us.
Optimism optimism optimism, I hypnotize myself over and over again.
For the brighter, happier, and promising futures of ours.
What now, what next, what how, I’m missing my better half with a deathly pain.
Sunday Morning by you.
Too Bright and I Saw Lightning but A Lack of Color, So Far Around the Bend, The Argument will it Dissolve? It all started with Bookend Themes and a Yellow Butterfly, and We’re All in the Dance with Her morning Elegance.
Sunday Morning by me.
Shitty, ugly and ridiculous.


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