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October 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Baking has been replaced by cello-ing lately (but do not fear Mr. Baking, I will return to you).

Somewhere in between job hunting and filling out job applications I found a room to breath through music.  My sanity on the other hand is held tightly by the ever-so-understanding boyfriend and some healthy doses of caffeine with some occasional sugar consumptions on the side.

Speaking of cello-ing, I think it’s rather rude not to properly introduce my cello.  My very first love!  It’s been through the highest of all highs and lowest of all bottoms with me, and I am thankful that it’s lasted with me this long.  It’s a 2003 Clement & Weise, 30in x 48in x 17.75in in dimension with a dark amber color, and beautifully sings in deep velvety tone as rich and smooth as a warm sip of 72% european hot chocolate.  It can play the warmest tunes, but don’t get me wrong, it’s got an attitude and can be feisty too.

As if my heart’s been re-ignited with fire, I’ve been loving every single second of my time spent with this cello.  I also urge you to re-discover the love that’s been long forgotten in your heart.

The playlist has been growing quite extensively over the past month or so.  From orchestra, sextet, septet, quartet, duet to possibly a concerto, I’ve got it all.

Orchestra pieces:  Bach’s brandenburg No.3, No. 4, No. 6, Cantata No. 51, and Tchaikovsky’s Serenade in C, Op.48 Elegie.  BACH IS HEAVY HERE.  Coolest part of all is that we’ll get to play with baroque instruments (this is the part where you scream, AWESOME!).

Septet Piece:  Strauss’ Metamorphosen.  It was originally meant for 23 solo strings, but we’re playing the 7-player arrangement of it.  It was “written as a statement of mourning for Germany’s destruction during the war, in particular the bombing of the Munich Opera House, and the Goethehaus” (wiki). This piece is super intense, super

Sextet piece:  Brahms’ sextet no. 1 in b flat major.  It’s depressingly pretty.  Or constipated, as Dr. Tuttle puts it. 

Quartet piece:  Verdi Symphony for Strings.  Man this piece is hard!  But I wanna master it that much more!

Duet piece:  Beethoven’s duet for viola and cello, “With two eyeglasses obligato”  This one is dear to my heart.  Amber and I’ve been meaning to play this piece since high school, but we never really got around to playing it until now.

Concerto piece:  Kabalevsky cello concerto Op. 49.  Another piece I never finished learning, and I want to pick it back up.

Yup. That’s my current rush list!  I swear, classical music isn’t half bad. ;P


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