Learning is fun.

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Over the past few days, I’ve been reading some random books at Barnes & Noble.
I find them very interesting! So here it goes. You ready?

Fact # 1:  Coffee was discovered by goats!
An Ethiopian goatherd found his goats acting agitated after eating coffee berries! Intriguing, no?
I was happy to finally understand the rationalization behind the coffee company’s name in Eugene- “The Wandering Goat”! 🙂

Fact # 2:  Sherbet does not equal Sorbet!
I always thought sherbet was just a different linguistic representation of sorbet.  But NOOOO.  Sherbet has milk, and sorbet doesn’t.  HUGE DIFFERENCE especially for a lactose intolerant person such as myself.

Fact # 3:  Science is cool!
You know one of those chocolate covered cherries? And you know how it has the liquid inside the chocolate? (refer to the picture below if you don’t know) Have you ever thought about how that liquid might be trapped inside?  Well, here’s where the cool part comes in.  The cherry is initially wrapped in a solid sugar dough (fondant), then it is dipped into chocolate.  The sugar dough has an invertase enzyme in it,which allows the “solid” form of sugar to turn into the “liquid” form when it’s exposed to moisture (in this case, cherry is sufficient moisture provider).  Voila! You have a liquid inside the chocolate!! Cool, no?

Ok, if the invertase didn’t quite measure up, here’s another cool science that just might convince you.

When we cook fish, we squirt lemon juice on it.  Have you ever wondered why?
Fish has amide, which becomes amine over time when deprotonated.  Amines are strong base that gives that “fishy” odor.  Lemons on the other hand are very acidic.  So by squirting acidic lemon juice over something basic, it neutralizes the odor, allowing us to enjoy our salmon!

Fact  # 4:  Eggplant has nicotine in it.
Naturally, it has some (very very low amount) nicotine in it. And you wondered why you craved more and more eggplant. (haha, don’t worry, it’s not to the addictive level, in fact, the egg plants are really good for your brain!)

Fact # 5:  Popcorns have moistened center.
The dried corn kernels aren’t 100% dried.  The center is moist.  When the kernels are heated, the pressure builds up in the center, and when it can’t handle the pressure, it pops! 🙂

I read so many more random things, but I’m already forgetting most of it.
I will update you with more findings in the future! 🙂


Quote of the day-

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“Don’t let the past haunt you, let it help you.”

-Mr. Amazing Guy

Feeding my dream.

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Frustrated as I sat in the corner of Barnes & Noble cafe while revising and re-revising my resume, I decided to give myself, or rather my soul, a little break.

My body knew where to go even before my brain had told it where.

I graciously (or so I’d like to think) walked over to my favorite section in all book stores–the COOKING section, and the baking section to be precise.

Me in front of these aisles of pretties is like a hipster* at American Apparel skinny jean section.

*I refuse to use the fat kid/cupcake metaphor (or is it a simile because i used the word “like”…hmmm and yes i drank a little too many cups of coffee).

I could spend hours just sitting in front of the baking books, but since B&N has its limited store hours, I decided to pick random three.

Initially, my intention was just to shuffle thorough and glimpse only at the pictures, but HOW COULD I?  It’s like asking Einstein to stop thinking, it’s just impossible.  If a human being could dive into a book and live there, I’d be in those pictures forever beating the egg whites to perfecting my chiffon cake, and I’d be the happiest person trapped in a book.

Well anywho, I stumbled into this perfect book. “A keeper!!!” I’d shout out loud if I didn’t have any senses to tell me there are people around me.

What started out as, ‘oh, i’ll only check one recipe,’ eventually led to, ‘oh, i need this book, i want to analyze every single word in this book’ after practically reading (no, not scheming) the book.

This book definitely quenched my thirsty soul with starry and glittery hope for my fantasy-baker-future.   And allowed me to day dream about my warm little bakery/bookstore/cafe.

I think I’ll reward myself with this book when I get a job, and feed my bakery dream to grow then.  hehehe

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