Life as it comes

December 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

If someone were to ask me, “So Hannah, where are you headed?”

I would say, “Good question, but I have no idea.”

And most people would feel sorry for me for not knowing the clear direction for the future.

But no-no, there’s no need for a sympathy because I’m not sad or upset about my uncertainty in future.

You see, the excitement comes from that uncertainty! no?

You may say that I’m trying to justify myself that it’s okay to be uncertain.

And you may be right.

But I still like to think like a little six-year-old girl with the glistening eyes filled with dreams and hopes wandering about my journey towards the giddy happy life!

I actually do not mind taking this time to learn more about myself-

Self neglect is no good, you know? ;P

I’m no longer looking for answers in the exterior things, and actually am paying a little more attention to myself. hehe

I’m finally exploring myself.

I’m asking questions to myself (and not ignoring them for once.)

I’m finally in love with my imperfections.

(okay, maybe “love” is stretching it. For the lack of better word, let’s say I’m “accepting” my imperfections..)

Realizing that I am a book filled with stories unique to myself, and also learning that everyone else has different stories to tell, I can finally tell myself, “I am different and cannot be same as anyone else and that is completely okay and good!”

But don’t get me wrong. haha I do get sunk back down into the gloomy and dark stages–questioning and wandering about every single aspect of my life and my abilities.  Yes yes, it does get cloudy at times.

Once again though, that must be the beauty of life!

Only when cloudy times come around we realize the existence of the sunny days!

So here I am faced with an uncertain, unplanned, and irrational life-

But here I am! also loving, adoring, and accepting this crazily mysterious life!

I invite you to join me in greeting this amazing life as it comes- :]


In exactly 12 hours

December 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

molecular genetics final might just kill me instantly.
I’ll enjoy my time tonight with a very interesting group of people.
oh yea.


December 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Monday- Psych Project (required an all-nighter)  

Tuesday-Four papers, Study for exam (NOT EVEN close of being done.)

Wednesday- Psych exam, museum funness, museum funness report (reminder to self- don’t forget to get the P.O. for coffee hour.)

Thursday- CIVIL WAR!!!!! at six. maybe start studying for the finals?

Friday- Hwan’s good-bye-party-bar-hopping-day. yay

Saturday- Movies?

Sunday- MUST be studying intensively.

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